WISH:Switching osnap item using up down or mouse scroll

Sometimes I just can’t get the osnap I’m looking for. If you can toggle through near osnap items it would be nice.

Hi. Nothing useful snap in “non-permanent”?

My screen isn’t so big so I have that panel almost hidden… It’s a bit of hastle to pull up the panel and do one time sel…

I see. If not done already, I suggest a layout configuration like this (by customizing the controls as needed)


Hi, thanks for the screen shots.
yeah I guess I can play around a bit and get used to creating more workspace as needed

for smaller screens/MBP’s, Perhaps you are familiar with this elegant option: ToggleOsnapPanelUnderCursor
you can assign a mouse or 3DConenxion button to toggle it [the plettte fade’s off once you move your cursor away]

I have a number of Osnaps on as standard (via the Osnap panel), and call up others that I use infrequently with this alias: _ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=MaxzSnap _UnderCursor=YES _Enter . I am using keystroke “S” to invoke the alias, but you can use others or even an available mouse button.
Note that the Osnaps picked from this palette are one shots, i.e. they disable the standard Osnaps temporarily.


wow first I’ve heard of it gotta try once I get back…
Thanks Akash

Thanks for the tip maxz!
I should customize my pop up menu more…

It’s not the Popup menu, but a new custom menu. Go to “Modified Palettes” and click the + button. You can give it any name you want, which you should then use in the Alias.
I use mine for snapping to the center of circles, because when I leave this on permanently other Osnaps often get in the way. Now I can use it when needed, and at the same time suppress all other Osnaps until I completed it. And it is quicker than using the “Single shot” option in the Osnaps panel.


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Hi maxz,
I thought it was a custom popup.
Thanks, I’ll definitely try it out.