The Command Set “Default” is locked and cannot be edited

I’d really like to make some keyboard shortcut changes, but when I go to command editor and try to make any changes, I get this message: “The Command Set “Default” is locked and cannot be edited.” - all the other options in the pull down menu (i.e., import) are greyed out.

Hi Hugo- when you see the message that the command set cannot be edited, hit ‘Make a copy’ - that new copy can be modified.


Can’t do that. It’s greyed out. See image:


OK, sorry, not enough info in my post - try this: Rhinoceros menu > Commands > Customize. When you get there, click on the + button below the list of palettes - this should bring up a message box saying that you cannot modify it and show a Cancel and Make Copy button - any luck?


No luck - this is what I get:

Hmmm - that’s not what I see - let’s see if Dan has an idea. OK, yes, I see what you see in the released build but not in the WIP. Still digging…


If it’s any help I’m on El Capitan v10.11.1

IIRC this is a known problem with 5.1 and El Capitan…

You’re too far in.
On the previous small dialog that says what your Current command set is, default is on a list.
Change it to Copy of default

Like most Mac applications, we don’t let you change things that couple make it so the application would not run.

So it sounds like I’m SOL until the update :wink:

You can download and use the Rhino for Mac 5.2 WIP release. More info here.

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Thanks - I’ll check that out!