Unable to copy the default command set

I use Mac RHINO 5.1 in french under OS X 10.11.1. I would like to create my own shortcut. To do so, I click the pop up menu button in the upper left corner of the Command Editor as it should but i can select “duplicate“ to make a copy of the default set. The “duplicate“ button is inactive. Do you have a solution to solve this problem?

Works fine here

If I click duplicate I get this.

Is this not working with French Rhino?

For me Duplicate (Dupliquer) and Delete (Supprimer) stay gray and unselectable in my french version of rhino.

El Capitan?
@Dan wrote:

There is a bug in 5.1 on El Capitan that was causing duplicating custom command sets to crash Rhino for Mac. We worked on solving this bug before release and were unable to. We are still working on it. We decided that - rather than have 5.1 on El Capitan crash - we would release it with the Duplicate button disabled. This was a “lesser of two evils” decision.

The good news is: when we do manage to fix the crash bug, working with customizing command sets on El Capitan will go MUCH faster than it did on Yosemite. Cold comfort, I know.

We will release a fix for this in an update as soon as possible.

Thanks @maxz, I will check tomorrow when at the office, just to make sure. I have 10.11 there.

I remember this thread.

Ok !
Thanks for the answer.

Hi, wondering if there is a fix for this yet?

The fix for this is coming in 5.2. In the meantime, you can use the RhinoWIP to customize the commands and then switch back to 5.1 and it should pick up your changes.

Okay. Thanks

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