The colors of rendered scenes become washed out when saved as image file

When I render scenes, they look fine in the rendering window. However, when I save the renders as image files (png, tif, …), the colors become washed out. Is there a way to fix this?

One the left: a screenshot from the rendering window. On the right: an exported image file. (The image file is grainy because it’s a low-quality render. You can still see that the gray and red are lighter than in the screenshot.)

Do you have any Gamma adjustment?

I do not think I have any Gamma adjustment.

The render preview is an approximation. Adjusting the Gamma allows for brightness perception adjustment (which differs on individual monitors). Try a .9 - .85

Environment Intensity is another variable to try. In this preview i’m using the Rhino Studio Environment turned down to .8

Hi @D_T ,

I think this may be the same issue I filed as a few months ago. Can you run SystemInfo and provide the text file you can save from that dialog? A sample 3dm and the resulting saved image file would be great too. I’ll add that information to the bug report for the developers.

@D_T I found an email you sent in to tech with the 3dm file and can reproduce the issue here as well. I added that info to the existing bug report. Send back your SystemInfo in that email thread when you can too. Thanks.

RH-67649 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 21