Rendering is too bright

If I render, it seems no matter what I set the lights’ intensity to, the render is completely washed out (looks fine rendered in a viewport).

Is there some way to control this?

maybe you have ambient occlusion turned on with the light intensity set too high?

if you go Render-> Render Properties-> Occlusion
…is enable ambient occlusion ticked?

or Render-> Render Properties-> Basic
… is ambient light color set to white?

I got excited when I saw “Ambient Occlusion” and went hunting for it in the properties. Then I saw that this was for Rhino on OSX.

Why don’t the PC users get Ambient Occlusion in the default render-er?

It’s hard to complain when we have Neon and the Brazil Demo. :slight_smile:

Ambient occlusion is disabled.

Ambient light colour is set to black.

i could make some more guesses but it’d probably be best if you upload a .3dm which washes out when you render :wink:

Here…coastline.3dm (180.5 KB)

benl If you move the point lights away form the object the burnout will be less. Using your model I was able to get a better looking model with out the burnout on the lift side

Thanks. But there’s still the question of why the render is nothing like the render in the viewport.

Also, adjusting intensity of the lights appears to make no difference at all to the final render, though it works just fine in the viewport.

Your solution works, it seems, by removing any variation in lighting…

See what you’re talking about. I though that it could be the Rhino renderer is deferant than the Toucan renderer that was making the difference but I render it with both and it can up the same. Rhino for Mac still needs some work on the renderer engine. I hope some one who is more experience with Rhino can be more help.

I know this is an old post but still…Maybe you`re having trouble with the render backdrop. I know because I had a similar problem before. Change the backdrop color on rendering properties located here:

Hi sorry I know this is old, but I might have a solution! Have you tried adjusting the tone mapping Black/White point settings in the rhino render window? This fixed the problem for me perfectly