Material mapping scaling glitch

when i re-open my model, certain textures in model lose the texture mapping size dimension i assign. not all but 3 or 4 out of 50 textures. the dimension gets scaled up by ‭8,087, and it is killing me. any clues why this is happening, or how to avoid this?

also in general what are the best practices for materials in rhino, i want a global material palette i can use across all my models, where should i put the source image files and other tips appreciated, thanks!

this is killing me, how can i fix it? i cant ever close this model now, because any time i reopen about 10 or 50 of my materials scale up exponentially. why is this happening?

WCS Box style scales up 2,506,966.549597826‬ times for one texture, 90,209 times for another. please help

There were bugs like that in older versions of Rhino. Which service release are you running?

Version 6 SR25
(6.25.20114.5271, 4/23/2020)

this is a constant problem
it makes no sense
every time i re open a file, the textures are scaled up, too frustrating