Textures not rendering on blocks (Vray)

I realize that this could be a Vray for Rhino bug but I thought I would bring it up in case it is Rhino related too.
I just realized that if I assign a textured v-ray material to a block (which had its components material set as ‘by parent’ it doesn’t display the textures when rendering. Thay are displayed however in ‘rendered’ viewport mode.
The same setup renders fine however with the Rhino renderer, when assigning to the block either a vray material or a Rhino material. So Rhino renderer is able to recognize and render vray textures, which is an added bonus.

I uploaded a sample with two instances of the same block, one with vray material and the other with Rhino material.
It should also be noted that the mapping coords established before making the block become lost when switching to Rhino renderer but they are respected when switching to Vray renderer.

Sample is here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/re5fnoguyl5xuun/ylclcQ0sUp

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

This is a know issue of very old versions.
With version are you using?

Version 5 SR5

Vray 2.023938


Rhino, yes. Vray, I wouldn’t know…

I updated to SR6 and it makes no difference

@skysurfer or another vray user will have to chime in with regard to the vray issue but I’m just curious how you updated to SR6 - after all SR8 is the current version.

Sorry I meant SR8.
Like I said, the problem still persists … very frustrating.

I have to check this but in the meanwhile you can use proxy instead.
That’s also lot faster to render…

Thanks skysurfer. I tried two ways:

1.- I made a proxy from the block itself and it seems to render fine preserving the textures. Remember, I apply a textured material to the block having created the block with “by-parent” entities.
2.- However, exporting as proxy the entities and then creating a block from the resulting proxy, it crashes rhino every time when trying to render.
So I’ll stick with option 1 for now.

However, now the original Nurbs object is gone … how do I get it back? Do I need to make a backup prior to making the proxy?

Sorry, yes:
Options 2 doesn’t work (at all! )
And You have to keep a copy of the original geometry.

Thanks !

Try to delete the layers that are duplicated, that work for me.

Hi Juan,
I have this problem for my INSERT BLOCK now in sr9 too!!
could you help me more??


Could you help me more for this problem??


We are in SR12. This is not a problem anymore. Please upgrade.

OK, But my version is SR11 and I still have this problem!!!???:sweat:

I make a separate object file and using Texture and Texture mapping then Insert that in my main file!! But When I want to make a render in Main file, more Clamps Apear on my Block textures!!!

Why not SR12 ? Not sure about 11. Upgrading is free.
Anyways, what are “clamps” ? Not sure what you mean. Can you send me the file (the block) ?

The forward Object is my Insert Block!!!

I need the Rino file. I cannot see what’s wrong without seeng the material or the settings. Go to the the vray menu and click “Pack scene”. This will make a zip file with all the necessary elements.