Rhino 8 blocks and vray material update fail

Hello, want to ask is this normal behaviour:
I have model saved as rhino file. I insert that file as block in to another file. Model imported and vray material is created from original file in it. But if i edit original rhino file vray ignores any changes to material. Changes done to model it self update as it should. So vray suppose to ignore original file materials or this is a bug?


The material resolution is performed by Rhino. There are two secret commands : RenderPasteConflictOption and RenderImportConflictOption that you can use to handle
material conflicts in a decent way.

Furthermore Rhino have no idea of some special V-Ray materials - like multi materials, proxy materials, etc. In this case Rhino cannot resolve the sub-materials if they are not assigned to regular Rhino geometry and then V-Ray may add or overwrite the extra materials. It depends on the case. Things get even more complicated with linked blocks.

if you could send the scene for investigation I can provide more details.

We also find utilising the “ByParent” option for the material in a nested block works well. So you could set the inner block to have ByParent as the material and then you can set the material on the outer block. It takes a bit of experimenting, but usually we could it get it to work in exactly one way.

Good luck!

Rhino_blocks_vray_sample.zip (312.5 KB)

I thought this suppose to update everything or it updates just geometry changes?

In assembly file i have multiple different blocks so don’t want to have 20 layers. I assign materials to objects.

Hello Tomas,

I tested with your steps and it turns out the issue is not V-Ray related, the behavior is the same with the V-Ray plugin disabled (using Rhino materials) - changes to materials are not taken into account when updating the linked model.

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V-Ray for Rhino QA

Thanks all clear, but is this a bug or normal behaviour?