Texture Tiling by Material - a wish

This is a wish but since it is such an obvious thing, either it is possible and I am ignorant about it, or there’s a very good reason and I am ignorant about it.
Can we have a texture tiling for one material that is default for all the textures within that material? For example when you have a 6×6 tiling on the Color texture, I will likely have a 6×6 tiling on the Normal, Metal, Roughness and Displacement textures. I understand that sometimes, some textures may need to have different tiling, so you could edit each individually. This is the same way you can have some objects within a Layer and some have color by Layer and may have individual colors. Probably, this could be useful for other properties in the Material editor, but the tiling scale is the one I find myself having to change in several textures when some adjustment is needed, or when a new texture is added.
If there is a way of doing this, or a reason for not being possible, I’d like to understand.
Thanks, N

Wish logged as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-60742

@nathanletwory , @andy
Hi Andrew,
I have noticed that you closed the wish log and commented that tree control could be used.
I do not know what you mean. can you guide me to some info on that?
Thanks, N

If you change the materials panel to show materials in tree layout (right-click, choose tree) you can open the material and select all textures. Then change the mappings.

Here a short video:

Using material Brick Wall 001 Texture • Poly Haven

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