Problems with Texture Mapping an Image

I am attempting to texture map a graphic image onto a skateboard. Much of the image is clear, so I am using a .png file.

I’m attempting to square the graphic appropriately on the board, and it’s giving me all sorts of trouble. Changing the “repeat” or “offset” values for the mapping throws off the colors and starts sending various colors in different directions, and I have no idea why. In the 2nd image, I have the yellow where I want it, but it has thrown the two green colors completely off, almost like a totally misaligned screen print.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

If possible at all please share the model and the texture. That’ll allow us to figure out what is going on and suggest what to do (or log a bug if need be).

The texture is a psd that I saved as a single layer .png file.
The layer I’m trying to map to is a single polysurface, built from a few difference pieces, as you can see.

It is unfortunately hard to see what is going on without a file. If you don’t want to share in public you can always use Rhino - Upload to Support to share with us confidentially. Please include a link to this Discourse topic in the comments section.

Hey @jeffreyvyain, sorry it took a while for me to get to your file.

The thing is that you have two textures with the same image file. You change the one texture, but not the other, so they no longer match up.

I think you can make it a bit easier for yourself to disable the Transparency texture channel, and in the advanced settings for that material (scroll a bit down) check the Alpha transparency box. It should give you the transparent effect you’re looking for. Now when you tweak the mapping settings of the texture it should work as you expect.

I noticed that you have in your model for the surface you are texturing three channels with a slightly different planar mapping. I think you can safely remove channels 3 and 2, as you don’t appear to be using those in your material.