Material mapping

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble to get an uniform image of my material on different objects.
I tried in Rhino materials and with a Toucan material.
Both give the same problem. On some objects the material is fine,
on others it is way out of scale, to big and/or in another direction.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Eva,

Can you post the model? Mac Rhino is still in development and may or may not have the material and UV mapping controls you’re looking for. Please post the image used in the material as well.

the file is too large to upload, can I send it via wetransfer to you?

Use and note this forum thread please.

Hi Eva,

Thanks for sending the file in. The texture mapping controls you need are in the Mac WIP however there isn’t a user interface for them so you’ll need to type the commands. Use ApplyPlanarMapping and follow the prompts to assign a planar mapping widget to any selection. You’ll need to make a plane with two clicks representing the image size and projection direction. To resize the mapping use the command MappingWidget to turn on the mapping widget for editing. MappingWidgetOff turns it off. You may also want to use MatchMapping to make an object in the same orientation as another have the same texture scale. I’m specifically thinking about planar mapping here as a case where I’d use MatchMapping.

I hope this helps and in the future, please use the Export command to send just the objects in question rather than the whole model if you can, this will make the upload much less likely to fail.

@marlin Can the UI for the Texture Mapping section of Object Props be exposed?