Editing Materials/Textures V6

Are there any tutorials showing how to use the materials/textures and edit and remap them to objects, have been trying to add wood materials to simple box shapes and to be honest, it’s painful :thinking::thinking::crazy_face::crazy_face:.
Have also been trying to remap textures using the UV Editor in textures, I think there may be a bug with it. Scaling, resizing, and rotating textures to look how I want on a simple box shape just seems soooo difficult, and I can’t even get the result I want. A good old tutorial for the Mac version is what I’m looking for, tia :+1:

Have you watched this one? It’s for V6 Windows but I think you will have no problems following it as everything is basically the same for Mac.

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Hi Jose, yeh I’ve had a look at that one. I’m just stumbling around with the Mac version of the textures editor, getting things to map correctly seems painful, and inconsistent, lots of xyzy this, xyzy that, and they seem to do nothing, it just feels complicated for simple things, pretty sure there’s a bug or 2 I’ve found, the texture match mapping painter brush for one :thinking::thinking::crazy_face::crazy_face: