Texture/material scaling and position -- again

Here I am again. Unable to place a texture in Rhino.
This was an import from a Sketchup model.

The texture came in fine, but the mesh had problems. I rebuilt in Rhino, then tried to place the texture which obviously is not right. I need to scale the texture to 2’x2’ and move it so the can light holes are close to center of the squares. (Match the SU image) I adjusted the repeat and got closer to the size, but don’t really know what size I’m starting with in Rhino, so how to figure out the scale factor. Then how to move and position the texture.

TEX_CEILING.3dm (624.8 KB)

Hello - if you make the texture use OCS then you can set the ‘real’ size -


It looks like you have per-face materials - I’d extract that face and apply the material just to it, so that you can adjust the location of the OCS mapping (ApplyOCSMapping) That does not work, per face.


I’m not sure what those mapping option mean, but changing to OCS and using offset worked to get it aligned. Thanks.

It’s still quicker for my work to texture/paint in SU and import into Rhino.