Texture maps dropping out for Maya

I’ve been working along side with other designers that work on 3d Studio Max & Maya. When I export my files to share with them have tried both the .3ds and .OBJ file format with the bundle texture option selected.

The guy that works in 3d Studio max gets everything imported great! (The OBJ format works for him)

The guy that works in Maya gets the geometry, but the maps don’t come in for him. He said it might have to do with my software changing the texture map names by adding a tilde in the name.

Any suggestions ?

Could you send me the OBJ file? andy@mcneel.com

Well, it’s true that your materials have tildes in the file names - but the bitmaps that you sent also have tildes, so that can’t possibly be the problem. This sounds like some kind of a problem with Maya.

You could tell the Maya guy that he could hand edit the MTL file if he wants to change the file names - it’s not very big.

Yeah, it might not be the tildes at all and could be something else entirely. Do you happen to have Maya to check it on your side?

No, sorry, I don’t. But if it works on Max and Rhino, it sounds like a problem with Maya.