Texture Mapping Seems Locked?

Applying some materials from the library, then wanting to use Texture Mapping to adjust size, surface type etc, no change to mapping or size if I try to adjust ? There is a small window saying ‘some of the materials are using WCS and changing the values below may not change their values’, is there a way to get back to being able to change them as I usually do ? tia

Yes, drill into the textures of the material applied to the object you want to change texture mapping for. For each texture change the mapping from WCS to Mapping Channel

How do I ‘drill’ into the texture and change the texture mapping from WCS to Mapping Channel ?
Its just a box, sphere, and cylinder, surely these should just be editable without having to dig into stuff :thinking:

Panel: Materials, select the material that is assigned to your object. Scroll down to see the texture channels. Click on texture.

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Cheers :+1::grin: