Texture map for Blocks


Is it possible to map textures for blocks in order to achieve the result as shown in the attachment (those are not blocks!).
I don’t want to modify the geometry of the blocks but just the mapping position in order to avoid repetitive patterns when it comes to repeat them.
Also, when it comes to scale or stretch blocks also the texture does so. Is it possible to avoid it?



I am also interested in this topic

For rendering? At V-Ray you can use the tri-planar mapping.

Sidenote - if you stretch a block than you can’t edit them anymore.

Rhino’s wcs mapping should be able to do this. Maybe even with stretched blocks, I haven’t tried. WCS is not compatibele with V-Ray though as far as I know.

yes, I it’s mainly for Vray.
Is triplanar mapping something to manage from Vray directly or from rhino?


Is wcs the box?
Anyway, I use Vray so if it does not work it will not help a lot!
I’ll try to get more infos on the topic.


yes, if you have a material that has a diffuse texture, right click the diffuse slot and choose:
wrap in … tri-planar. Make sure to change from object to world mapping, then texture won’t stretch.

This world tri-planar is similar Rhino’s WCS mapping style, though it has more options and edge blurring.

Thanks a lot!

Other small question, imagine we have the same tile repeated horizontally, one next to each other, and they all have the same material. is it possible (in Vray or Rhino) to give to each of them a different origin for the texture in order to create a randomic effect?


@Gijs Nice suggestion, I have overseen yet. :slight_smile: