URGENT !Texturing a block on Rhino 6?

Hi, can’t find the window Texture Mapping on a block object. so it is impossible to manage texture with Vray
what is the best way ? unblock the objet ?

(The model is an exportation from ARCHICAD in 3dm), maybe there is an other solution ? OBJ ? STL?


What is the best way to convert object from Archicad to Rhino with Vray ?

Block instances cannot be texture mapped. You’ll have to edit the block to get to the contained geometry, add texture mapping to that.

If you don’t need your object to be a block instance you can use _ExplodeBlock to get the geometry out of the block instance.

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Hi @emile_francois
Just to be sure: You can edit/open the block just by double clicking it, and then change the mapping as you see fit on the individual objects - and then click OK to leave block edit mode.
HTH, Jakob

thanks for reply, but the isssu is that on archicad, each walls is an independant block, i can’t make mapping for each one by one