Texture Map

Hello I have a surface and a duplicate edges of the same surfave (Same Size), and import a image
to Rhino.

I move the frame to best place for find the best texture position on image.

There is any way to match the texture from frame to surface?


Result on surface:

Sorry to put this on Developer topic, but eventually I will also need to do this programmatically,
for now I need to know what Rhino’s native way to do this.


Hi @MatrixRatrix, select the mesh, then from Properties dialog, click on the Decal button



Hello @clement , sorry but I don’t see how decal can help me.

Somehow I have to first extract the texture from the image using the frame, and after
insert on surface.


Hi @MatrixRatrix, can you post the example file including the texture ?


Hi @MatrixRatrix,

I’m pretty sure you are refering to the _UVEditor Command

For this command, rather then importing your image as a Picture you create a custom material with your image as a color texture and after assigning to your surface, run the _UVEditor command

Edit: Better screenshot using your example :slight_smile:

hi @clement ,

I need make my day work a litle easy.

Please see this example.

Basically i need to do the same thing with rhino, at a moment I use the geometry obj and make
a split on the picture frame, and move the splited image to my assembly, and chek if is ok, if
not I repeat all again until find the best match, of course I already have some clear techniques but it’s still a long process.

I have never used texture in Rhino, maybe it is not the best option for this purpose?, I know that if using the picture frame the end result will be very close to reality, and at the same time I have already defined cutting planes

Note: The picture frame is properly scaled to actual size

example.3dm (197.6 KB)

@lando.schumpich, I think it is not possible with this command.

The Picture in your example file is scaled non-uniform which does not match the example in your video, where pictures are importet as is.

I modified your file to use a uniformly scaled picture object with your size as a reference for UV editing the parts.

In my opinion this workflow is quite similar to your video, see attached:

uvEditing.3dm (493.8 KB)

Edit: This still feels a bit clunky and since for your programatic approach you know your surfaces to always be planar and they then don’t needing any unwrapping, will for sure be able to implement this functionality even better :slight_smile:

The picture frames will always be non-uniform , the correct measurement setting (scale1d) will always be adjusted according to the actual measurement of the material, this can happen for several factors, eg photo position when taken, camera distorsion ect.

yes I agree with you, but I still can’t understand how to use it unless I can import as a frame and then convert to texture so I can use it as your idea.


I don’t know of an easy way in native rhino to do this. Maybe Photoshop might be more suitable to apply those image transformations.

Scripting this is possible but it won’t be easy.

Maybe I have to think of a different approach, maybe using textures is not the solution,