Box Mapping 6 Textures?

Hello everyone! Just figuring out whether this is possible in Rhino. I have 6 views (incl Bottom Top) of a ski gondola and wanted to apply them via box mapping. Is there a way? Can’t figure it out. (this was a random test texture) ty!

Stuck on same issue.

The decal command suggested seems to work, but a little slow and only shows after rendered or realtime cylces render.

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You can always apply textures by face.

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@wim as I’m using surface mapping it is not a connected texture but a new application at the edges or would you instead use planar mapping? Thanks!

I was thinking planar mapping, yes. But, of course, on more complex objects, it’ll be tricky to get textures for all surfaces. If you only need a texture for a few simple sub-surfaces and use a simple material for all other surfaces of an object, that might be a viable workflow…

@wim I’ve created a bounding box for each panel and used your planar projection this works, as I’ve exported the outline as AI to import into Photoshop where I’ve used the Side views with masks created fromt the outlines paths. Many thanks for your input!

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