Texture Map Flipping orientation between Rendered and Raytraced

So, I was doing some texture mapping and I found out a weird occurrence, the texture flips between rendered and raytraced.

I recorded and placed the file on the attachment below.

Telaquemudadeorientaçãonorender.3dm (351.0 KB)

Hello - I am not seeing that here, but your image is not included in the uploaded file., I used my own image.


Sorry, I thought the texture would be attached inside the 3dm file.

here you go.

Telaquemudadeorientaçãonorender.3dm (335.6 KB) TelaSimrad

Hello - it does not flip here, so far,

You might try applying a planar map to the surface.


@altamiro.aj the file was created with Rhino 6.13. You should update as there have been 21 service releases since.

That fixed it, thanks!

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