Render Display Mode and Texture Rotations


So it looks like the Render display mode is not honoring image rotation -actually it looks like it’s rotating the image 180. (Screen shot and rendering for comparison) Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue?

Flipped Texture Image When Rendered?
(Brian James) #2

Hi TomC,

Can you post the 3dm file please and let me know if you are using any rendering plugin? Drag and drop a 3dm file into the post after clicking the image upload icon.


Here’s the file and texture if that helps. I’m just using the default Rhino Renderer (no plugins).


Arrow-test.3dm(85.8 KB)

(Brian James) #4

Thanks TomC, I filed this as RH-20309 but this report is not publicly visible at the moment. A work around right now is to use the rotation values in the texture mapping options for the selection in object properties instead of the material editor.


Ok, Thanks Brian