Texture issues on mesh "far" from origin

Hi @stevebaer
I see some strange texture issues on a mesh that is x592.000 y6.614.700 units from origin:

There are no objects close to origin so this shouldn’t happen. Is it a bug? The mesh handles just fine at this location. IMO it’s important that Rhino handle this with so many architects and landscape architects as customers. Sometimes we just need to work with real world locations. Could double precision be added to texture handling too?

Here the mesh is moved close to origin:

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Weird, this is a bug and I’ll need a sample file to reproduce.

@Holo I’ve logged this bug: RH-68449 Texture distortion increases when object moves further away from origin

If you’re seeing this with objects that have planar, spherical, box or cylindrical mapping there is a work around that is not in any way ideal. You can convert your primitive mapping into a custom mesh mapping by running _TestRenderMeshMapping. This makes objects heavier and therefore using it on thousands of meshes might cause too big increase in file sizes and reduce performance.