Rhino6 Render blurred textures

Hey Guys,

as you can see I´ve got trouble with my Rhino6 Renderer. In the preview the texture is accurate but on the rendered image the texture ist blurred.
Does someone have an advice for me? Thank you so much, Sophia

Hi, might be able to help on this one.

Looks to me like a UV mapping issue, It’s probably either stretching the UV tile or tiling it too many times.

Without the file It could take me a long write to fix this…

I can’t see all of your settings but it looks like ‘WCS (box style)’ would be best for your situation.

A better way which would give you more control is setting the mapping to ‘Mapping Channel’.
Then you can go to mapping and map individual objects or groups with more control.

Hope this helps in some way, if not uploading the file or just the part you’re having trouble with would be of great help.

If you select just one object that shows this issue, use the Export command to save it out as it’s own 3dm file and then upload that here. The issue could be duplicate surfaces or a mapping issue.