Rendered View good and bad, small probs with materials, ground plane settings never sticky

I haven’t worked in Rhino for a while and reopened an older project and noticed the rendered view getting better and a bit worse than it was a few srs back. On one large object I get seams showing where there should be non, pixelated colors and banding of shading. I like that bump mapping now works quite nicely. Standard rhino burnished chrome material is way overexposed with no hint of reflections or shading looks like a white material compared to a rendering with the Rhino render. Also appreciate the speed gains in rendering that seems snappier with sun only, but with skylight checked it’s still slower but I think not as slow as it was.
One last small annoyance is that ground plane setting "show shadow only " never sticks in this file even after setting it and saving the file, that has been going on for many srs maybe because there are blocks? Whenever I reopen the file the groundplane setting is always reset to “Use material”. Also running into lots of duplicate materials which I thought was supposed to be fixed by now but I can use purge to get rid of that, is that due to blocks?
This is all standard “Rendered view” mode out of the box no cycles.

Hello - see if opening the Rendering panel and clicking on reset to Defaults at the bottom sorts out the rendered viewport at all. Some of that looks like bad render meshing though.


Hi Pascal,
Sorry “Reset to defaults”, didn’t help the mesh problem but it did solve my problem with the chrome washing out I see now that one has to have “use custom environment for reflections” checked for the chrome to work in the viewport.

I think its a meshing problem as well but trying flip, check, clear all meshes did not make it go away. Check reports it as a good mesh. Most of the meshes the problem mesh included were imported from 3dcoat all other imported meshes render in the viewport perfectly, also if I render with the rhino renderer I don’t see any problems.

Thanks for your quick help,