Texture distorted at the poles

Does anyone know how to tackle this? Thanks Hannes!

Finer mesh settings could help.

Hi Hannes,

Spherical UV maps are always going to do this horrible thing at the poles.

There are a number of ways to deal with it and there are a good number of tutorials on the web.

Basically, it involves remapping your texture to stretch the poles.
The Photoshop Polar to Rectangular filter gets a fair work out.

That should give you enough to go on.

hope that helps, Steve

See if this helps:


just involved in another project using surface mapping, same here, distorted red stripes in actually even texture
Any idea how to solve this?

Hi Hannes - in this case I’d set a custom render mesh for this object (in Properties) , erring on the side of too-fine, perhaps with ‘Max edge length’ in the detailed mesh controls.


@pascal thanks a lot for your immediate help! Will dig into this and come back!