Unwrap distorted

Hi all,

I have been having problem with my Rhino unwrap command for texture mapping. Whenever I unwrap an object, the resulting map is always distorted in an angle. ( See image below) It is just a simple rectangular shape, so I am not sure why the map is always distorted. Do anyone know what is the possible reason for this?

Thank you in advance !!!

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Is the selected part distorted? It looks fine. An the unselected part can not be unwraped without distortion, more cut’s would be needed.
Or do you mean that the islands are turned and not aligned to the UV?

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It does look fine from here but it may look different in plan.

You can rotate those elements so they run from left to right or top to bottom. This will make a great deal of difference when you come to apply textures (in Rhino or any other program you export this to)


I believe that this part was not created in rhino, but imported, thus it was imported wit the uv mapping.

So the distorted uv mapping comes from the software that the part (and uv mapping) was created.

You can correct that uv mapping in that software, in another software (like blender) or in rhino itself.
The part looks simple so you can easily straighten the polygons on uv unwrap by hand etc.


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Hi Christopher - you can manipulate - move, rotate, scale, etc. the flattened meshes as you like to line them up in the UV rectangle.


Thank you guys for the reply. What I meant is that the islands are turned/ rotated and not aligned to the UV. Also, they somehow are not rectangles but kind of like trapezoids I wonder whether this is normal or is there something wrong with the model or the image texture that I have. Just wondering.

Thank you !


The model is created in Rhino and the uv and the image seems to be all orthogonal and straight. What is this blender thing that you mentioned? and is there a way to check whether the uv is rotated in the model or not?

Thanks !

http://www.blender.org - great uv unwrapping of meshes ammong others, a free and open source modeling and animation suite.

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Maybe try mapping it in rhino.

Add box mapping and then unwrap - island should be straight then, but you need to move it around a bit in the unwrap mode. But geometry is simple so it should be easy task.


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Can you post the model?

Take a look at: https://vimeo.com/58457893

Hi community,

I’m under R5 and I do have the same issue as @Christopher1.

I do have a simple wall rectiligne.
Here is the unwrap seams I selected:

Then here is the result when I use the UV editor… why the rectangular parts of the object suddenly became non-rectangle but trapezoidal ?

I don’t get it.