Texture coming out blurry

I am applying a texture to a surface and the image comes out a little blurry. Is this just rhino or is it the quality of the picture. The picture that I am using is clear. Is there anything that I can do?

Hi Lorenzo - if you Render the same view, is it any cleaner?


That is with it rendered. It’s difficult to say it’s not the picture but I wanted to see if there was anything else i could do.

Hi Lorenzo - that looks like a rendered viewport, is that correct? try the Render command…


The Render command didn’t help much. I could play with the settings but it’s still blurry plus I need the pointcloud to show up. I’m still new to this so it could just be user error.

OK, I was just trying to determine if it was the rendered display mode that was making it blurry. I guess not. Can you send me the image you are using?


See if increasing the Texture Size setting in Options > Rhino Options > Rendering helps.

If your texture is way big, perhaps you could chop it and tile it on the result.

Still, a good goal for Rhino V6 would be to allow 16k x 16k resolution textures, as that may really help with layout from topo maps. It seems reasonable to require at least a 5-year old video card for an upcoming product. A new intel integrated 4000 can even use a texture this sized.

Perhaps we all shouldn’t be stymied by the existence of old video cards.