Render in Rhino 6 is out of focus... how can I improve it?


I am using Rhino not for that long but recently I have noticed that during rendering in rhino 6 my images becoming super grainy and out of focus. I am having DPI for 150 and good quality and honestly, I was trying and switching on and off many options but nothing is really helping… maybe have you got some solution or advice? I am a beginner so I may have missed something important and obvious… please help Rhino%20help

Is this the Raytraced viewport display mode?

I am nor sure…

In fact, in the end i changed for 300 dpi and it was rendering the whole night… but the effect is much, much better ( maybe it was that dpi? can be?).

Now, I am also thinking if there is any way to make the texture of the brick more realistic, like more parallel… without that “eye effect” do you think there is some easy way?I mean it is visible on the bigger surface with the brick texture putted…

Ok, so you are using the _Render (the blue sphere -icon)? Not too sure about it myself, I’ll tag @andy for that.