Text units


Displaying the model units in the text creation dialog is confusing. It should not display any units since text can be setup in model or layout units (with or without layout scaling).

That said, after 15 years of Rhino use, I am still not sure if we are using the annotation scaling features correctly. I would be thankful for a comment about our setup as well. It is as follows: All annotation values are setup for layout space in mm (dimensions, text, hatches, line thicknesses, etc.). This allows us to have them comparable to other architectural software we use. Layout units are mm, model space is meters. We use a custom script that sets the model display scaling of the different elements (text, dims, hatches, line thickness, etc.) for a set scale. The script unifies commands such as (TextScale, HatchScale, Dimension properties->Model space scale, etc.)


When you are editing an annotation style, there is no unit listed for text height.

When you have an annotation selected, and look at the override dialog as in example you show, the units are model space units if the annotation is in model space and layout units if the annotation is in layout space.

If you have a specific size you want in layout space, you can set that size in the style and enable layout space scaling. The sizes of model space annotations will be adjusted to that size in layout space when they are viewed in a layout. Annotations in layout space will be the same as above. That makes it so you don’t have to think about the zoom factor in details to get a certain size annotation in layouts.

If you want to adjust the size in model space, you can enable model space scaling and set the model space scale to something other than 1.

Thank you for the clarification. The control of text via styles is a great addition.

Regarding model space scale, it would be nice to have one unified value to control the different model space scale factors (annotations, hatches, line types). In the architecture industry I see many laying out their drawings in model space side by side, the drawings have different detail scales and are often reused throughout multiple details. Switching the model space in one location, via a command, would make it easier to have the drawings look good in model space. (This is what we currently do via the script).

Would you discourage the above architectural workflow? What would be a better approach? Doing all annotations on layouts we tried, but it becomes too confusing, especially with several people on one project and with many linked files/drawings.