Annotations styles SHOULD be based on real world units

Rhino is aware of units so why annotation styles should be based on just unitless units.

Sometimes i work in mm, othertimes i work in m. Text height is e.g. 3mm no matter the units of the model. Not just 3 model units. It does not make sense for me.

Scale is scale but dimension size in in real world units.

Well, I guess that has to do with how you use dimensions, either in model space or layout space. In layout space generally the units are in mm (or inches) as you are theoretically printing on paper that has mm or inch sizes.

In layout space, the dimension is always the same size (on paper) no matter what the scale of the detail. In model space they get bigger or smaller as you zoom in and out…

Going back and forth between layout and model space is always confusing.

I dont think its about model vs layout space. Once i want my text to be 3mm high it will be 0,003m big in model space whether its in meters and 3mm big when i am in layouts.

Now its 3 “units” big which can be anything thus confusing (different units in model/layout space…).
In length units section you can define exacly the units you want your dimensions to be. I dont know why everything else is relative.

You need to have different annotation styles depending on units you are using which is excessive.

I cannot think of a case where you would prefer your dimension styles to be set dependent on model units rather than be strictly defined in real units.