Text does not Unroll with the grouped surface


I am using lines and text (from the text command) sitting on a surface to label parts(the surface).

The lines, text and surface are grouped together.

When I unroll the surface, the lines neatly stay on the surface but the text disappears.

Is this standard behaviour on both Win and Mac versions, or a bug / missing feature?

I don’t have rhino handy on a pc, as soon as I do I will give it a try.

I attached a demo file with a cube which when unrolled is missing the text.

unroll test.3dm (65.5 KB)

EDIT: After installing Rhino 5 eval on a pc it seems the PC version behaves the same.
Is there a way to keep the text when unrolling?

As long as it’s annotation text, no.
If instead you make a text object (Solid pull-down) and make curves instead of text that can be edited, then the curves will unroll since they are just curves.
You can Explode your annotation text to make unrollable curves as well, but then you can no longer edit the text as text.

I was a afraid those were the options.
While I usually don’t need to edit the text once created, I can’t use the “outlined” or “double” fonts normally generated because they will be converted to tool paths.

I found some single line fonts online that should work for me the way you mentioned.


Right. They have to be curves. Windows TrueType fonts have no concept of being in 3D space.

Seeing that you - to some degree at least - have access to the windows version, this thread might be of interest to you. This is not available for the Mac version at this point of course but nevertheless serves as a pointer of what will come in the future.