Flow Along Surface broken?

Is flowalongsurface broken in the most recent build of V5? Seems to me the last time I used it it had many more options. It also doesn’t flow. It just places rigidly at a weird angle.

“Rigid” is one of the options, set it to No and it should work as you expect, I don’t remember it really having many others.

Doesn’t work here. I have the word ‘Continent’ extruded and follow all of the prompts ‘AND’ have rigid turned off. It doesn’t even come close to the way it used to work.

Seems to be working here, we’d have to see a file. Is your ‘base surface’ oriented correctly?


I tried it in V4 and it seems to not be doing what I expect it to there also…so. I must be doing something wrong. Or maybe was using a different function before. I basically want to take a word and fit it into a curved surface and deform it to the shape of the new surface. Is there a better tool to do this with?

That’s the command…you have your base plane, that’s used to ‘map’ the text onto the target surface, that the letters are sitting on flat?

I got it figured out. I created my ‘to’ surface from a trim instead of a rail sweep.