Text Object

Text object interface is too small on V7 in comparison to V5
I’m having hard time reading the name of the fonts.
I hope it goes back to legible size and it would be a bonus if a text object created a new layer with the fonts name so we can just refer to it later if we need to use the same font.


Hi Murat -

That appears to be fine on my system.

I’d look into the display scaling settings on your machine.

Some are fine some are not.
I don’t remember having this issue on V5 that’s why I asked.
I prefer not changing display scaling

Hi @wim,

Whereas Rhino 5 displayed the font list using the system font, Rhino 7 is displaying each font in it’s own typeface.

Other apps display the dropdown list fonts in their own typefaces but the selected item name in the system font. Further, if you hover the mouse over a dropdown entry you can get a tooltip showing it’s name in the system font. Here, for example, is the Word font selector:

It would be nice if Rhino adopted this approach too, as it addresses both legibility and accessibility.


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All -
This is on the list as RH-72996 Text and TextObject: Show font name in system font

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