Scrolling Text Object Fonts in v6 is pain compared to v5



The text object dialog changed in v6 and is now more cumbersome. When creating text objects often the user needs to scroll through fonts and wants to see their text in various fonts. The ideal way to do this that worked well in V5 is to type your text and then arrow through the fonts to see the resulting text in the current font. You can do this in v6 but the dialog makes it frustrating and difficult as it keeps wanting to put the curor in the text edit field.

In v6 you have to click on the font drop down 4 times then you can arrow up/down through it and watch the font update. This makes no sense. You also can’t type a letter and have the drop box jump to a font starting with that letter. Also the text area is kind of small, need a way to scale it so I can read, my eyes are getting old.

This new dialog needs rework.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - yep, I know… this one is on the bug pile -



I figuered out that by clicking several times (4x) opening and closing the drop down menu, the selection focus stays there and I can use the arrow keys!
at least in the latest Windows version…