Text not right aligning in PDF

So I rarely do drawings in Rhino (I am increasingly understanding that I probably shouldn’t).
I have noticed today that text aligned to the right looks OK(ish) in the Rhino Layout but the resulting PDF look like there is a space at the (right) end of the text. Especially, when you have texts of different sizes aligned to the right, the PDF result is clearly not aligned.

In the image below, two texts from a drawing label. On the Left the Rhino view, on the right the Rhino PDF result.
The two on the bottom have the normal right alignment. You can see that on the Rhino view the small and larger texts are “sort of aligned”, but that on the PDF there is a substancial difference.

The two texts on the top are silly workaround, the texts are mirrored and aligned to the left…

I wish I would use creativity in problem solving my projects instead of unexpected behaviours in Rhino.
[sorry, this comes after a really frustrating day with Rhino on another subject for which I am not sure I have the energy to post about because it is probably unsolveable… this one may be useful to somebody…]

PS. I tried a couple of other fonts, and the Acrobat and Microsoft PDF drivers… same issue.

Hi @nsgma thanks for reporting.
I’m not sure there is much that can be done about this issue. If the font has some spacing around its character, then this space is also scaled when scaling down. The difference with the PDF output might be something to look at though. To get a bit better alignment of the differently sized text items, see if the Align function helps.
Can you share a simple file with that text, so I can see if I can reproduce this issue on my end?

Please share the issue, even if it is just a brief description.

attached the file.

I exported this from the layout (where I was using it), I have noticed an unexpected thing:
when I open the file I cannot see any elements. This is unexpected for me but it may make sense as they were exported from Layout. However, I remember importing model space geometries into layouts and would expect it would be possible to do the same in the other direction.

230212 Text RightAlign vs MirrorLeftAlign.3dm (43.3 KB)

I may still post the other issue. it has to do with my intense use of blocks. I had a text referencing the area of a polyline, both text and polyline inside a block - and I hade several blocks like that. Often text returned 0 m² when the file where the block was reopened. Also when inserting the same block in new files. The strange thing is that it did not happened with every block…


it looks like it is font independent. I noticed that when Printing to Raster, all is kept in place, but as soon as the print is Vector, Rhino moves the text to the left quite a bit. I’ll write this up.

Edit: RH-73076 Right aligned vector text is incorrect

As for the block issue, I’ll try to reproduce that, but if you have a file you can share, that will be welcome.