Print to PDF - Discrepancy between *.3dm and *.pdf text position

Printing right-aligned text to *.pdf results in text significantly out-of-position. See images below.

Text where it should be, as displayed in Rhino:

Text out of place, once printed to *.pdf:

Printer is Adobe PDF. As mentioned above, seems to affect just right-aligned text, and more drastically affects text that ends in “1”.

Source files attached.

Anyone have an idea of what might be causing this issue? I’d really appreciate any insight.

drawing.3dm (2.2 MB)
Page 2.pdf (85.7 KB)

Hello - I see this in your example - I don’t have a good explanation though - I’ll get it on the bug tracker, thanks for the report.

I’m experiencing this as well. Rhino PDF is not usable due to it for me sadly.