Bug?: Text Alignment Issue in Multi-line Text"

If I have a text object that is aligned centered horizontally

“Quos Deus”

Then insert a return


Rhino 6 aligns the text without ignoring the trailing space producing visually unaligned tex.

Sorry, I’m not following.
If I add [return] before or after the space between the two words, I get a slightly different alignment as expected.

Can you please take another run at describing the problem you’re reporting?

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Let me illustrate:

Here I have centered text. The text on the left has a space after the first X. When centering, Rhino does not ignore the trailing space so the X is not centered.

This causes problems when inserting line breaks. I thought Rhino 5 did ignore trailing spaces when centering.

Hi - as John wrote:

I get a slightly different alignment as expected.

The work-around is to delete any characters that you don’t need. If we automatically delete something, users that expect us not to delete things as we see fit would have no way to get the result that they want.

The problem is having to go back to all my R-5 files and change things.

Plus, every other application I know of does things the way I describe. E.g., Word