Text placement when printing/pdf not correct

Hey all, I’m having trouble getting text to place consistently between the rhino view and the print/pdf output. Here is an example of my issue:

Rhino view:

Print preview:

As you can see the printed title text is not in the same placement as in the rhino view. I imagine that the error has something to do with the hanging ‘g’ character. I’ve tried all the different text alignment options and they all have the same problem. I can workaround this but obviously it’s kind of a bore. PrintDisplay mode also shows the text as correctly placed. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?

Zoltan, thank you for submitting the YouTrack item (MR-2393). It’s much appreciated. I was just in the process of trying to reproduce the issue and I was going to ask you for the file when I saw that you had logged the issue. I see the behavior you are talking about now and we’ll investigate more.

No problem, found out about the youtrack system and figured it was easier to just document the behavior I saw. Thanks for working on it!

I have experienced the same issue on 3 different Macs. This has been an ongoing issue long before Rhino for Mac went out of beta. Has there been a fix so far?