Text not imported from PDF

Importing a pdf file with text in it (file created with and exported from Rhino), the vector comes in but not the text, despite the checkbox “import text” being checked… Normal? Bug?
Sample file below…

PlexiglassSupports1-Dsize.pdf (29.9 KB)

Mitch, it opens with text here.
Laser bed 18" x 32"

2 parts 1/8" plexiglass
(on the thin side if possible) Both parts fit on laser bed

Hm, on my side it does not show text but if i run _SelText i get reported that 2 text objects got selected. They do not contain text in properties :confused:


Invisible text here too. I’ll investigate…




I was feeling pretty invisible when I made it, maybe that was part of the problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

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How does that happen??

I want to try.


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Hi Mitch, did you ever manage to solve this? I’m getting the same behaviour with all the pdf I’ve tried importing (including yours). Thanks, Anders

Edit: The text objects are actually there, but their strings are empty.

Hi Anders,
Nope, I haven’t had the need to try since then… Looks like the bug report is still open.


Thanks Mitch, I’ll work around it for now then. Best, Anders

Same here. I often get no visible text, but SelLast reports text entities have been selected. I just delete them.

The other peculiarity I often see is that when text does import, it all appears as a single, long line of text with each block of text overlapping the others. The first text item starts at 0,0 and subsequent others trail across the screen in +ve X direction

Here is an illustration of what @MattE has experienced.

In this case the text was so tiny and spread out on single lines, so it just looked like a random line and SelText said it was there but didn’t select it. I found this one by chance using seltext and increasing the size in properties - made me realise there are a few drawings kicking around with tiny text strings lurking.

It looked fine on the original PDF so something went wrong on import.

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