Text modifications in the properties panel doesn't work

Text modifications in the properties panel doesn’t work.

Thanks, - here it looks like it works, sort of, but does not correctly update the text - if I change the size, nothing happens until I also change the font style, for example.




are you on the latest version of rhino for mac?

i’m not sure if this is what serbruba is referring to or not but:

a few versions ago: build 5A751

recent release: build 5A783

we used to be able to change the letters of the text in the properties->text panel… that editing field is no longer there.

edit- i suppose what i’m reporting is the same thing @Fred_W is noticing in his thread here:

On the pile as:

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Wrong comment - sorry.

The screen shot below is accurate in that the box that shows the contents of the text (editing field) is collapsed.

Fred Wilmers