Editing Text

In rhino for windows, you can place text and then directly edit it by double clicking on the text. In rhino for mac, you must click on the text, and then edit the text through the object properties. Is there a way to add this feature into the mac version?

yes, select text, then in object properties panel, select the (right) text tab ay top and then edit text in the panel shown. I usually click in the text size box for the text to change.

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In my version of RhinoOSX, which is the latest version, there is no text tab in the object properties panel and there is no apparent way to edit existing text besides deleting and starting again. The text, when placed on the drawing, becomes a polysurface and is no longer editable.

Hi Walter- if text is selected, the rightmost tab/button thing at the top of the Properties panle is, or should be, ‘Text’.

See it?


See screenshot and like Pascal said. the text has to be highlighted, like anything else to show up in Object properties panel.

Not is OSX. There is no way that I can find to edit the text without deleting and starting again. The text becomes an un-editable object once placed.

Sorry about not replying to your reply of Sept 12. There doesn’t seem to be a reply notice that comes to my email

if the text object was created by text in the dimension icons. Select text, open object properties and edit text in the large white text box above, then click in height. It should work, not sure about build from 13th Nov, yet. If not send a file and we can see if it works on your file. I did this yesterday at work, because i copy and paste text then edit it fairly often in OSX Rhino.

Could it be that @Walter_Dill used a “Text object” rather then “Text”?
What command do you use to create the text?

I suspect that’s the case. Especially since he said above:

That only happens with TextObject, not Text.


Probably TextObject, thanks Mitch & Peter

There appears to be only one choice with text in OSX, which is text object. When clicking or holding down on the T in the tool palette, text object is the only option. I have searched to find other options, but no luck. Please show me how to create editable text in OSX.

The “T” icon in the tool palette only creates TextObjects. Editable text blocks are under “Dimensions”, either from the menu item or the dimension icon in the top toolbar (last icon to the right before the Help icon)…

Edit: oh, and despite what the dialog seems to indicate, MacRhino cannot create multiline text blocks for the moment.


thanks so much

This doesn’t seem to work for ‘annotation dots’… Or have I missed something?

no… as of right now, if you want to edit a dot’s text, you have to delete it and redo it.

Recently wanted to add Text Objects to a drawing. Found that when using the Text Object window and writing words: Fabrication and University the lower case letter “r” will appear in the window when writing but when placed on the object it will disappear?
In writing off the alphabet with both upper and lower case other letters also disappear;
lower case "f"
upper case "J"
lower case “j” but the dot over the letter remains
upper case "Q"
lower case "r"
Running the latest update; Wenatchee 2014-1-28 (498)
Anyone else encounter this issue? Work around?

There are a lot of options in the Text Object dialog. Could you provide all the option values you used when this happened so we can duplicate what you are seeing?

Yes for the Text Object box, which I selected from the icons:
Bold text
Group Objects
Height .2
Solid Thickness .15

This works correctly for me.

Perhaps there are problems in your font files. See Checking Your Fonts for Problems in our wiki.

I do not think “ourfamilyfoods” question has been answered… I agree editing text thru the Object properties panel is very time consuming and unnecessary.
The subject is Double clicking on a TEXT BOX and not a TEXT OBJECT. I wish their was a Text edit box that pops up with the text highlighted for immiadiate editing. Thanks