Text is Moving & Annotation Style

Trialing V6 , having a few issues here, firstly text is moving from objects either copied and pasted from another model, or imported in from a saved set or premade models. It seems to be justifying to the right instead of being centred ? Screenshot attached.
Also when using layouts it takes a few clicks to get the annotation style to kick in and scale/format the text and dims to the style which has been preset, any ideas ? tia :slight_smile:

Do you have an example file to test? I have had problems with the justification transferring in the past, but I know they have been working on it, it seems better in the latest SR2 RC.


Hi Mitch, thanks for chipping in, appreciated. I tend to not insert my pre-made objects as blocks, I import or copy & paste from multiple models I’m working on, it’s just a workflow I’m used too from using Rhino for Mac and Rhino V5 windows, have attached a file with a bunch of premade objects I have been using this week.

Kitchen Blocks Portland Plot 7.3dm (15.1 MB)

It looks like this in the current SR2 release candidate (6.2.18051.9541, 20-02-18)

is this in the file I uploaded ? if so yes they look fine in there, its when I start to copy and paste them into a new model an start building up a kitchen style scene, thats when the text starts to start drifting.
What I have noticed is that I can build up a model using these objects, then seltext, then re-justify and it seems to realign most of the text correctly. It would be nice to not have to do this, unless there is a flaw in my workflow :open_mouth:

Ah, OK, didn’t try that… hang on…

Dunno, I copied everything a couple of times from the original to a new file, then from the new file into another new file, the text appears to stay centered. Hmmm…

I’m also getting text that is being ommitted when using Make2D, some stays, some disappears, screenshot attached, 3dm file too

Layout test.3dm (4.9 MB)

Yep, I see some of that as well… @GregArden

the text ‘shifting’ seems to be from the settings in the annotation style I’ve set, in the text section I had the justify right and upper selected, will play around more, hopefully will get this to run smoothly as at the moment producing layouts with lots of annotations and dims are in all my projects

@GregArden @Helvetosaur also noticing when mirroring objects and text that some ‘shading’ is being added to text, (look at the letter B, screenshot attached)

I opened a bug for the missing text in Make2d RH-44461

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Hello - is that messy text far from the origin?
Hm. Looks like that makes no difference here, I do not see the messiness.


Hi Pascal, no it’s not that far from origin, I’ve noticed a few glitches with text like this. :neutral_face:

@GregArden still noticing text shifting if I copy & paste 2d geometry from one file to a new file, using the latest V6 release here