Text Moves when Printed



I came across an issue with printing. Below shows two screenshots, one from the PDF and another from the Rhino window. The “HC” is placed within a block. Looks fine in Rhino, but shifts once printed.

Also, if I am in the block for editing, it will print fine.

Anyone else run across this issue?


I am having a similar issue in Rhino for Mac. The center aligned text shifts in the drawing. If I click left justify, then back to center justify, the text location is temporarily corrected.

(Navarro) #3

I am having this very same problem with both Rhino6 (eval) and Rhino5. Text inside the block moves if printing in vector but not in raster.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - can you please export a text block that shows the problem and post it here or send to tech@mcneel.com? So far, it looks correct here but I may not be setting it up the same way.

(Navarro) #5

error vector print block.3dm (34.4 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #6

Thanks! I see that here as well with your file.



I’ve been getting text that moves in layout space. I use Make2d in model space, then when I’m over in layouts and create a detail window the text has slightly shifted from where it is in model space, :frowning:

(Navarro) #8

Any news on this issue?