Text Moves when Printed

I came across an issue with printing. Below shows two screenshots, one from the PDF and another from the Rhino window. The “HC” is placed within a block. Looks fine in Rhino, but shifts once printed.

Also, if I am in the block for editing, it will print fine.

Anyone else run across this issue?

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I am having a similar issue in Rhino for Mac. The center aligned text shifts in the drawing. If I click left justify, then back to center justify, the text location is temporarily corrected.

I am having this very same problem with both Rhino6 (eval) and Rhino5. Text inside the block moves if printing in vector but not in raster.

Hello - can you please export a text block that shows the problem and post it here or send to tech@mcneel.com? So far, it looks correct here but I may not be setting it up the same way.

error vector print block.3dm (34.4 KB)

Thanks! I see that here as well with your file.


I’ve been getting text that moves in layout space. I use Make2d in model space, then when I’m over in layouts and create a detail window the text has slightly shifted from where it is in model space, :frowning:

Any news on this issue?

Hi, I’m still having the same problem on Rhino 6 latest build…is it going to be fixed? Any news?

Hi - the link above shows that the issue that was reported here has been fixed.
Please provide a 3dm file and a clear description of what is happening on your end.

unfortunately I am experiencing the same problem, even with the latest build of Rhino.
How can I send you the 3dm file?

Hi - you can attach it to a message in this thread, or, if your file contains sensitive information, you can upload it here: https://www.rhino3d.com/upload/

Make sure to include a link to this thread and provide clear steps for how to reproduce the issue.


Hi - the link above shows that the issue that was reported here has been fixed.
Please provide a 3dm file and a clear description of what is happening on your end.

excuse me, i am having this precise, exact problem that my text is moving. I do not see that it is fixed in any way. Please advise. I have began a brand new template and i am learning all of these annotation scales to the bone. I have three detail views, in my 1/4 scale my text is directly above the line it should be. In my 1/8 scale my text is ALSO directly above the line where it should be. HOWEVER, FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER, WHEN MY DETAIL VIEW IS SCALED TO 1/16, the text is moved ever so slightly lower, so that the line runs through it, and this is completely unacceptable and a horrendous, futile waste of time which has auto cad looking real attractive despite all of it’s schizo ways. help.

how was this fixed.

try plotting in raster mode…not vector.
you can choose it in the plot settings dialog after calling the plot command.
in my experience it fixed the problem, even if is not always possible to accept the large files made by raster plotting…
Hope it helps.

thank you. lio. bows graciously

Hi @lio - I looked at that file you uploaded - sorry for the delay on that.
I tried to find text that was moved in the PDF’s that you sent but am not sure if I am looking at the correct place. I see that text in the title block gets a bit longer when printed to vector than when printed to raster. Is that what you are referring to? If so, that’s not what got fixed in RH-44585 - that was about text moving vertically.

At any rate, when I try to check which font you are using, the properties window and the annotation style dialog both show an empty field - which probably means that I don’t have that particular font installed on my PC. Which font are you using?

@norviksetareh818 - could you please provide a file that has issues printing to vector PDF?

Hi @wim
I have made an image with two layers containig each a raster and a vector print overlayed so you can find easily what’s changed between them.
The font used is “Univers 57 condensed” and Arial.
The moving (left-right, not up-down) text is visible in the title block, in some of the leader annotations (only those in the lower left corner of the layout)…
May I use the same email address to provide these files?

Uploaded now…