Text Insertion Point and DXF Export for JetCAM

trying to streamline our dxf processing for JetCAM. in jetcam there is an option to add bridges, to do this you have to place a text strings insertion point on the line.
2020-04-22 09_25_15-C__Users_monke_Desktop_microjoints.3dm (5 MB) - Rhinoceros 6 Commercial - Top
as you can see in Rhino the insertion point, which i got from ExtractPT is on the line. but when i import the exported dxf from Rhino the insertion point is off the line. So I’m thinking either there is an issue in Rhino, Rhino exporting the dxf, or JetCAM’s importing of the dxf.

2020-04-22 09_35_16-
(ignore the line to the right, that point per Rhino should be on the line.)

i read in another post that the insert point for text is padded according to the font. I’m not sure how to test it to see if that is the issue.?

also i did get it to work by inserting the text on the line and moving it 0.05" to the right, so i know the feature is working in JetCAM.

unfortunately I don’t have AutoCAD to test it’s text insertion point to isolate the problem to Rhino.

I hope this makes sense. if more info let me know. Thanks in advance.

reference post:

EDIT: i just tried exporting the dxf using “Default” and it worked as I expected, but we usually do R12 Natural so I need to check if the “Default” option exports our curves correctly for JetCAM.

EDIT 2: unfortunately i can only use r12 natural as no other export flavors bring in the curves correctly.

@pascal sorry to tag direct, it’s been a few days just wondering if anyone had a chance to check this out. thank you.

Hello - that’s fine to give me a prod, I will miss some stuff. Can you set up a scheme that mimics R12 settings in every respect for curves only, and leave the rest of the settings at Default?


hey pascal, no luck. i guess i’ll keep playing around with the different schemes when i have more time to play around with it. thanks for checking it out.