[solved] Rhino 6 DXF issue with text

Hi all, my first post here.

Rhino 6 won’t export text in dxf, I need it cause I have a cnc machine with a parametric tool that work with text written inside a curve in the dxf file. I’ve done it many times with Rino 5 without problem. Am I missing something? Someone has the same issues or can suggest some workaround?

thank you!

Can you post a sample Rhino file together with the .dxf export settings you are using?
You can use the upload button (upward pointing arrow icon above the message window) or just drag the file and drop it into the message window.

Thanks, --Mitch

Hi Mitch, attached you can find the dxf and 3dm files.
I use the setting 2004 natural (My rhino is in Italian and I don’t know which is the name in the list in English version)
and when i try to save the dxf this windows pop up:
the pop up said:“some object can’t be exported, view the command history for more detail” , and in the comman history( F2) says “Text object conversion error.”

smm18.3dm (230.3 KB)
smm18.dxf (163.6 KB)



I seems to export OK here - English version Version 6 SR5 (6.5.18132.5131, 12-05-18) - however I’m exporting in DXF 2007 Natural as I don’t have a 2004 Natural entry in my V6 settings…


I understood where the problem is. I use a 3dm model that come form the V5! If i start from scratch with a v6 model the error does not appear