TextObjectPoint Gap (Python)

Hi all,

I have been using TextObjectPoint to get a coordinate of a textbox. The problem is on some cases that point is not exact enough for my needs because there is a 0.05 inch gap between the point returned and the actual text (we have very slender pieces that the text needs to reside in, and it has been making it challenging to determine if the text point resides inside a closed curve - specifically, because I use PointInPlanarClosedCurve).

I have attached an image to hopefully better illustrate what I am talking about. Does anyone know how to get point ‘2’ in the image or maybe a center point? I could not find it stored in the object.

These textboxes are rotated at times, so if I have to calculate the point myself then I realize I could use the length and height of the textbox and appropriately stagger TextObjectPoint’s returned value, but I was curious if there was a better/cleaner way.