DXF Export-Options

can anybody please explain the different export formats for dxf in rhino?
As there are:

  • standard
  • 2007 line
  • 2007 polyline
  • 2007 originally
  • 2007 solid
  • CAM Imperial
  • CAM Metric
  • R12 line and arc
  • R12 solid

What´s they differnces. My problem:
I sent files to my Laser-Partner and they can´t work with my DXF-Files out of Rhino.
Can anybody help?

Some of it is explained here in the help:


If you actually open the options box during export by pressing the Edit button in the dialog, you will see all the different options - the different “schemes” are simply sets of saved option combinations. You can also create your own personalized schemes.

The main question to be asking here is this:

“Can’t work with” is unfortunately not precise enough to be able to give you any good advice. What is actually going wrong? What do they see on their end that isn’t working? You will need to ask them those questions. There are hundreds of different laser cutting machines, controls and software systems, each with their own quirks and requirements. That’s why all the different export options exist. You just need to figure out with your laser supplier which ones they need.

OK, this is a little Star. But i don´t know what CAM Imperial and CAM Metric means …
Also the problems is, that my laser supplier doesn´t know that differnt dxf formats exists.
May be a problem is, that i draw eg a cirkle and save it as dxf the dxf file makes very much points out of the cirkle. My supplier can open the file but than his laser-program (for trumpf laser) has a break down. Same problem with text …

Those are ages-old settings that have just been left in there… Imperial means inch.

This is good, precise information. What that means for circles is that you are using one of the export schemes that turns arcs into polylines like below -

The “curve tesseleation parameters” tell Rhino how to break up arcs, circles and splines into short line segments for systems that can’t handle them. You might want to still do this for splines, but not for arcs and circles.

My suggestion is for you to create your own export scheme. Start with 2007 Natural and do a SaveAs and give it your own name.

The first three entries will probably be OK, most likely you will need to change the “Curves” entry to Polylines if your laser cutter can’t deal with splines. You might also need to tweak your curve tessellation parameters.

You will need to work with your laser cutter to find the best settings, it will take some experimentation.

If you are using splines (free-form curves) - you mention ‘text’ - you can also try converting those to arcs within tolerance first in Rhino using the Convert command and selecting arcs as output. Check the Help item on Convert for more details.

Hey Helvetosaur,
and this is a very good tipp!
THX for that!