How to change dimension text size

I’m trying to change the dimension text size. The number displayed is 1" tall. When I go into the Inch Decimal Dimensions Document Properties, I see “Text Height”. It doesn’t do anything. Still 1" tall no matter what. Where is the adjustment? thanks, rex

It sounds like you are changing the text height property of the wrong style.
In the Rhino viewport, select the dimension and go to the Properties tab. On this tab, select the Dimension icon.
Here you will see which style is selected for that particular dimension. From here you can also click the Edit Style button to edit the correct style.

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Got it. Further experimenting, I found that the Text height number has been too large all along. I was changing it within a range that the text size seemed to be maxed out. However, I had to set the text size to .05 to get it to shrink. What do these numbers mean? What does .05 relate to?

That doesn’t sound right. Could you post a screen shot of the dialog box where you are changing those numbers?