Text field bug

Using the following steps I can crash rhino 6 beta without fail. Please attempt and verify.

  1. start new rhino file using default small objects - inches template.
  2. create a piece of text by using the “text” command accepting all the defaults and place it in the top view. I simply type “AAA”.
  3. double click the piece of text to open it in the “Edit Text” dialogue, then, making sure all the text is highlighted, click the “text fields” button
  4. in the area to the left select “Document Text” and without creating any entries in the right click ok to exit the text field dialogue.
  5. click the “ok” button to exit the edit text dialogue (note, at this time the text area will appear blank)
  6. at this point I get a error message stating: “Can’t commit an empty string. Reverting back to original”
  7. ok the error dialogue.
    Rhino crashes.

I can confirm the crash here…

Thanks, I see that here too.


RH-42603 should be fixed in the latest BETA. Please give it a try.