SAVE FREQUENTLY ! RhinoCode / Script Editor Crash / Bug

Editing a c# script with the new Editor
in mac os x , intel based.
i sent crash report twice:


edit the return-value will crash Rhino completely.
double click on “null” to select it → crash.

Recommended to save frequently while editing a script.

@eirannejad hopefully you can find my crash-reports and figure out why this happens.

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I’ll test this today and I found your recent 5 crash reports. Thank you!

where you able to repeat - otherwise i can try to find a repeatable crash-production… ?

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Not on Windows. I’ll try this on macOS. That would be great if you can share a script and steps that would cause the crash. I can see the crash log and where it happens. Just not sure why

the following steps allow a repeatable crash:

  • start Rhino
  • new document, small objects mm
  • start grasshopper (tutorials are shown)
  • double click on canvas and add a script component (the component already is set c# - from the last use ?)
  • double click the component to open the script once to have type hints available
  • close the script
  • set type hint for x and y to double
  • add a float-parameter set it to 0.33
  • wire float to x and float to y
  • add a single line at the really top
    double result = a + b;
  • doulbe click “null” on the a=null line to select the full word “null”
  • press delete
  • crash (rhinocode,grasshoper, rhino)

systemInfo_tom_p_2023-09-15.txt (4.9 KB)

ok - caught on CCTV:
:movie_camera: :policewoman:

kind regards -tom

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OMG This is great!! Thank you!!! I’ll get it fixed!

Okay I got this fixed and will be available in the next build


…so you where able to repeat the crash…
great / thanks

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I was in my unit tests. Had something to do with how line numbers start from 0 or 1 :smiley:
Just normal bad code hahaa

Thanks for catching it and the videos